Interesting Photo of the Day: Crystal Clear Swimming

Elena Kalis is an underwater photographer with a special eye for clear and beautiful shots of people in crystal clear water. Living in the Bahamas, Kalis spends a lot of time in the ocean. Her attraction to underwater photography stems from how fluid and dreamlike people look underwater—an effect which is quite difficult to achieve on land:

underwater photography natural lighting

Crystal Clear (Via Tumblr. Click image to see full size.)

Kalis shoots with a Canon 5D Mark II using 24mm, 28mm, and 50mm Canon lenses with a red underwater color correction filter, often using snorkel or scuba gear to capture her images. She usually tries to use natural light if available and also tries to shoot in the ocean rather than a pool. Especially in the ocean, many of her photos are quite spontaneously captured based on ocean life and nature at the time.

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