Interesting Photo of the Day: Colorful Mountain Sunrise

Every once a while mother nature present us with something you’ll never forget. It could be a gorgeous view of the mountains, a terrifyingly beautiful lightning show, or a magical rainbow. For photographer Chance Jackson, it was a mystical sunrise over the mountains in Montana. Just look at it. Anybody would have been awestruck to witness such a fantastic moment:

sunrise over the mountains in Montana

“Colorful Sunrise Over the Mountains in Montana” by Chance Jackson (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Composition-wise, the image is pretty simple, yet it’s so effective. The straight road in the foreground acts as a strong leading line that draws our eyes into the magic that’s happening in the background.

The hero of the image is the mesmerizing show of colors that the sunrise is putting on. It’s so absolutely breathtaking that it almost seems unreal. Thanks to the clouds looming over the mountains, the drama has been emphasized even more.

Hats off to the photographer for freezing this fantastic moment.

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