Interesting Photo of the Day: Christ Statue Over Rio at Night

As it prepares for the Olympic Games of 2016, Rio de Janeiro is alive with renovation. Authorities are struggling to finish construction of the Olympic Park in time, and the city is hard at work, aiming to impress the world with its new facilities and revitalization. But one of Rio’s most recognized landmarks is not new. It will be 85 years old when the Olympic games make their Brazil debut. The city’s 38 meter-tall iconic statue, Christ the Redeemer, looks over the city from the top of Corcovado Mountain:

nighttime photo of rio de janeiro

Photo of Rio at Night (via Imgur, click to see full size)

Though this statue is probably the most photographed monument in Brazil, the photographer who captured this amazing nighttime shot still managed to impress viewers with an aerial perspective and an inventive composition. Already a popular tourist destination, Christ the Redeemer is sure to be the subject of thousands upon thousands of photos in the next few years.

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4 responses to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Christ Statue Over Rio at Night”

  1. That statue is not 2300 feet tall. lol.

  2. Nicoal Price says:

    Ha, you’re right, Donald! Thanks for catching that. The article has been fixed. :)

  3. Richard Gossar says:

    It would be great if photo had info as to how he took the shot. Where was his position and what was the setup for the shot

  4. T20 says:

    From helicopter or composited :)

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