Interesting Photo of the Day: Chicago Over the Clouds and Upside-Down

Recently Mark Hersch was flying home from a business trip. He usually takes the aisle, but this time he was given a window seat. Even though he’s flown dozens of times before, this was the first time he looked out the window, straight at the sun, and saw his home city of Chicago beneath the clouds, reflecting in a pool of sunlight in Lake Michigan:


Can you spot the plane hidden among the clouds? (Via Imgur. Click for larger picture.)

Hersch, an an amateur photography enthusiast, whipped out his smartphone and didn’t hesitate once he saw the spectacular view. As he told the Daily News:

“I grabbed my iPhone and snapped off a single shot, hoping I captured the scene. When I got home I opened the photo on my computer. Not only was I amazed at the shot, but I noticed I also captured another plane on a parallel approach—which you can see if you look closely at the clouds above the skyline in the centre of the image.”

The image went viral, even prompting one social media user to turn it into a brilliant Batman Versus Superman poster:


Graphic artists, take note. (Via Imgur. Click for larger image.)

Maybe this will launch Hersch’s photography career after all. Remember: it’s not the equipment, but the photographer that makes the shot.

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