Interesting Photo of the Day: Bridesmaid Passes Out During First Kiss

A wedding photographer in Chicago captured the “strangest photo” of his career and the image has gone viral, providing plenty of laughs from viewers and a lot of sympathy for one young bridesmaid. Wedding photographer Sean Cook snapped this photo of a 16-year-old bridesmaid fainting at the exact moment her older brother kissed his lovely new bride:

strangest first kiss photo

Bridesmaid Faints at Exact Moment of First Kiss by Sean Cook (via Imgur. Click to see full size.)

Just as Cook snapped the shutter to capture the couple’s first kiss, the groom’s sister, Grace Ryan, fainted from heat and lack of proper hydration. The groom, Kevin Kennedy Ryan, has said of the July 25th wedding that he’s pretty sure it was the hottest day of the year.

Ryan posted the image of his first kiss/passed out sister a few days ago and the photo already has over two million views. The whole thing happened so quickly that the first kiss wasn’t interrupted, making for a pretty unique and memorable image. Don’t worry though, the bridesmaid was fine within a few minutes and went on to enjoy the party, just a little embarrassed!

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