Interesting Photo of the Day: Brave Photographer Captures Wild Polar Bear Swimming

The polar bear: A large, beautiful, and powerful creature, and one you will most likely ever see in a zoo. However, for photographer Joe Bunni, that wasn’t enough. Bunni spent three days scouting out this polar bear in the waters of Repulse Bay in Canada. His patience and persistence paid off as he was able to snap this shot of the polar bear swimming only a few feet away:

swimming polar bear

Majestic polar bear swimming in the wild (Click to See Larger Size, imgur)

Captured with a Nikon D2x in waterproof housing. Some have commented that the photographer is lucky to have not been eaten. Though polar bears are not naturally very aggressive, they’re not afraid to chase down a human if they’re hungry. And seeing as the polar bear is heading towards extinction, largely to starvation, Bunni should consider himself lucky that to have left with only a photo.

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2 responses to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Brave Photographer Captures Wild Polar Bear Swimming”

  1. Steve says:

    Extinction for polar bears??? That’s just plain ridiculous. Science much? It sounds like you have fallen for a hoax. That carbon dioxide hoax was debunked twenty+ years ago. Political elites welcome the opportunity to grab more trillions from their clueless sheeple and freely admit (cameras off) that the entire global warming shtick is a scam for power. For your own good… get a clue.

  2. Lois Bryan says:

    Outstanding capture!!! Congratulations!!! Tweeted

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