Interesting Photo of the Day: Blue Sky Bounded by Buildings

A simple change in perspective can inject a whole different mood into a photograph. For instance, we’re so used to taking photos of what we see in front of us that we rarely look straight up or down. However, doing this can give you amazing photo opportunities especially if you’re in an urban area. Take for instance the following image by photographer Duc Pham. The way he has enclosed the sky amidst interesting architecture is simply fantastic:

blue sky amidst the buildings

“Blue Sky Amidst the Buildings” by Duc Pham (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

To get this perspective, the only extra thing that Pham had to do was to lay on the ground. Besides perspective, the stark contrast between the building and the sky is another interesting feature of the image. It’s beautiful how the plain white building and the blue sky stand out from each other. The solid straight lines form a clear separation between the buildings and the sky and form a compelling geometrical shape that becomes the talking point of the image.

If you look at the photo long enough, the way the windows are placed in the building may garner mixed feelings. Some feel that the randomness is a modern touch and does justice to the architecture. Others find it chaotic and even detest the thought of living there.

What do you think of the image?

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