Interesting Photo of the Day: Blue Portrait

A fashion portrait does not necessarily need a model wearing trendy, expensive clothes or high-end makeup. In the case of the following image by photographer Samiira Wali, the subject is wearing a simple hijab that Wali made for herself—yet the image still looks like something from a premium fashion magazine. The image is a great example of how nice conceptualization can help you land a stunning image:

fashionable hijab

“A Powerful Fashion Portrait” by Samiira Wali (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Wali took this image on Canon 5D Mark III. The beautiful shades of blue immediately jump out at the viewer: the bright color in the foreground beautifully contrasts with the darker sky in the background.

Then there are the fancy blue sunglasses she’s wearing that attempt to hide her powerful gaze. If you look properly at the image, chances are that you will be taken aback by the way the model has such strong eye contact with the camera. This telling detail shows the strength of character that the subject seems to be portraying.

Besides the subject, the hijab itself is another talking point. The folds in the fabric add a sense of depth and character. Also, it’s fascinating how the fabric draws our eyes to her powerful gaze.

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