Interesting Photo of the Day: Blue Hour at Weaselhead Flats

You don’t always have to hike for hours in order to take breathtaking landscape photos. Beautiful landscapes can be found within the vicinity of a city as well. Photographer Collin Towes, a local of Calgary, captured the following amazing image of Weaselhead Flats, which gives a true experience of nature in the city:

weaselhead flats

“Weaselhead Flats During Blue Hour” by Colling Toews (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

A beautiful mixture of vibrant colors is an important element of this photograph. The foreground, mid-ground, and background are all full of multiple beautiful colors. The flowers, the vibrant sky during the blue hour, and the reflection on the water engulf the image in colors.

Besides having vibrant colors, the photo is composed pretty well, too. The path in the foreground and the clouds with a subtle hint of motion direct the viewers toward the blazing horizon. Even the reflection of the sunset in the water emphasizes the magic happening in the sky.

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