Interesting Photo of the Day: Ballet Dancer in Gold

Ballet is undeniably a beautiful art form that demands the utmost dedication and strength. And when it comes to photographing ballet dancers, you’ve got two distinct art forms coming together. When done the right way, ballet photos are no less than a beautifully done kind of art in itself. Levente Szabo specializes in taking ballet photos, and the following image is a stunning example of how beautiful it can get:

ballet dance photo

“Beautiful Ballet Dancer” by Levente Szabo (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Szabo shot the image at f/2.2, 1/300s, and ISO 200, with all-natural light.

The image immediately showcases how ballet is a fusion of art, beauty, and core strength. There are rarely any other forms of art that can depict all of them so beautifully. One glance and you’ll see that it’s an exceptional image.

It’s beautiful how the model with her vibrant clothing pops right out of the neutral background. The golden dress stands out perfectly against a backwash of blues, greys, and blacks. Also, it’s gorgeous how he has captured the movement of the fabric that contrasts with the art piece in the background. And not to mention the elegance that the dancer carries in her beautiful stance and the way she has posed her hands.

Hats off to the ballet dancer and the photographer for this beautiful photograph.

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