Interesting Photo of the Day: Badlands Spire Sunset

The thing about landscape photography is how the shoot can take an unexpected turn. We have no control over anything natural in the field. But this does not mean things always go downhill. Nature usually comes up with ways to surprise us, and sometimes such moments can be unexpectedly precious. The following image shot by photographer Marcin Zajac is a beautiful example of one such occurrence:

sunset at badlands Utah

“Spectacular Sunset at the Badlands, Utah” by Marcin Zajac (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

As Zajac writes, his plan was to photograph something else. Yet while the spectacular clouds in this image would later make it impossible for him to accomplish his original mission, this particular image turned out to be a gift from nature.

“I was planning to shoot star trails but nature had a different plan and I cannot complain. The clouds that made night photography impossible lit up spectacularly at sunset.”

Utah has some of the most otherworldly landscapes, and this spire rising out of the desolate badlands looks like something straight out of Star Wars. Even though this image is definitely real, one can be forgiven for wondering if this is simply an illustrated render. The unreal energy that the image exudes is really awesome.

Besides the magical sky and the sunset, what’s noticeable about this image is the varying geometry of the landscapes. If you pay attention to the different layers of the images, you can see different shapes and patterns that are quite interesting, not to mention the way the the golden light illuminates them.

Have you had the chance to visit this location? Let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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