Interesting Photo of the Day: Fierce Baby Tiger Attacks Photographer

As the internet often proves, baby animals are just impossibly irresistible. Even when they are doing not-so-nice things, like lunging toward photographers. On closer examination, the photographer, who doesn’t necessarily appear to be in any particular hurry to get away from the tiger while photographing it in an enclosure, is taking the term, “anything to get the shot” to an all new level:

Too bad we don’t get to see the photographer’s shot. (Via Imgur. Click for larger size.)

Despite his juvenile stature, the young tiger could still cause serious injury to the photographer. Just ask anyone who has ever been “playfully” mauled by an innocent looking kitten of the domesticated house cat variety. Even their tiny little claws and teeth can inflict serious pain. Being on the receiving end of a baby tiger lunge is almost certainly more painful—not to mention horrifying—than our initial reaction to this photos inherent cuteness may lead us to believe.

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