Interesting Photo of the Day: An Ancient Forest Dweller

Woodland photography can be a very difficult genre to master. The confined spaces that you have to work in, accompanied by the chaos of the scene, makes composition a challenge. You thus need to have keen eyes to be able to identify your subject and come up with a captivating image. Photographer Tristan Todd‘s following image, taken in the temperate rain forests of British Columbia, Canada, is a fine example of what well-executed woodland photography looks like:

temperate rain forest in British Columbia

“Mother Nature in Control” by Tristan Todd (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

The first thing we notice about the image is the way moss has covered most of the environment, including the tree in the foreground. The moss in the foreground, dangling off the tree, clearly explains why it’s sometimes called “witch’s hair” or “old man’s beard”.

Furthermore, the mist in the background adds to the dreamy, calming mood. Such is the power of this enchanting photo. When you think about it, this image gives a fair representation of how things would look if Mother Nature took control. The greenery and freshness are astounding. The photographer has indeed done an excellent job with both finding the subject and framing the composition.

If this is what an old growth forest looks like today, just imagine how things looked like a couple of thousand years ago.

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