Interesting Photo of the Day: A Lone Bison in the Snow

In an effort to make our images visually compelling, we as photographers lose our way sometimes. As a result, the image turns out to be complex, and difficult for the regular eyes to comprehend. Simplicity is thus always the key. Being able to create impactful images that are visually simple to look at is thus an art in itself. Consider the following image by photographer Kyle Dudgeon for instance:

“A Lone Bison in the Snow” by Kyle Dudgeon (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Dudgeon took the image with his Canon 1DX and a 500mm f/4 lens at Yellowstone.

The image is pretty simple and to the point, yet it’s very impressive. With the plain white snow as the foreground and the background, the photographer has wisely managed to draw the attention directly towards the subject.

“I didn’t add anything or edit much at all. It worked out so well. It was backed up to a snowy slope.”

The fact that the bison is walking alone, has its limbs deep into the snow, and head close to the ground conveys an emotional message as well. But the message totally depends on how you interpret it. Is it sick? Will it make it? Has it been rejected from the herd? Who knows? But, you can’t ignore the fact that the minimalist approach has done wonders to this image.

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