Interesting Photo of the Day: A Foggy Village in Switzerland

Beautiful landscapes alone don’t always make a mesmerizing image. Additional natural elements like clouds, mist, rain, snow among others sometimes do just enough to make the image feel enchanted. The following image that astrophotographer Abdul Dremali took when he was in Switzerland is a beautiful example of this:

foggy village in Switzerland

“Foggy Village in Switzerland” by Abdul Dermali (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

The image is a half-second exposure that Dermali took with his Sony A7RIII with a 70-200mm f/4 lens. The half second-exposure makes good sense for a landscape shot considering the low light condition.

“This fog had been following me around for days starting from Strasbourg and into the heart of Switzerland. I finally managed to get above it, and watch it creep into the village below.”

There’s no doubt that this image is a perfect amalgamation of a stunning weather condition and a beautiful composition. The thick fog over the village appears no less than a sea of clouds leading right up to the base of the beautiful mountain in the background. As beautiful as the background is, even the foreground is quite captivating.

The little visibility that there is in the foreground has added a better sense of drama to the image. While you might get a dreamy feeling out of it, others may find it spooky. And the warm lights popping through the thick white fog is just perfect. It adds so much life to the image.

How would you feel living in a place like that?

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  1. WOw! Such an awesome campfire blog put here. I had the same experience last year in my country and some of my friends were really enjoyed it.

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