Interesting Photo of the Day: Sneaky 65-Year-Old Catches Home Run Ball

A 65-year-old man made a pretty amazing catch at Wrigley Field recently when a home run hit sent the ball over the railing of the left field bleachers where he was sitting. Mike Pullin snagged the ball with a stretched out, backward, one-legged teeter, which was pretty cheer worthy on its own, but what he did afterward earns him extra sneaky props:

veteran makes sneaky catch photo

65-year-old Makes Great Catch at Wrigley Field (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

The age-old Wrigley tradition is to throw the ball back if it was hit by the opposing team, but Pullin pulled a sly move:

The Rochelle, Illinois veteran smoothly picked up an old ball he had brought to the game, transferred it to his mitt and threw it back onto the field. He kept the real game ball for himself!

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