Interesting Photo of the Day: Before & After of Kiev’s Independence Square

As the conflict in Kiev continues, the images coming out of the area have been gruesome and telltale of the violence that is taking place in Ukraine. The striking image below shows the juxtaposition of Independence Square, commonly referred to as Maidan, in its before and after state:

Kyiv’s Independence Square (Via Imgur. Click for larger size.)

The once beautiful square has been reduced to ashes and destruction in what is being compared to a war zone, as the protesters and government battle one another. The fate of this country and its people is not known. While there are signs of progress, the violence has taken a devastating toll on both sides.

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One response to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Before & After of Kiev’s Independence Square”

  1. awPhotog says:

    This photo should get a Pulitzer Prize or be on the cover of National Geographic. No matter what you think of the conflict or the principles or the people, this brings home the loss in terms anyone can understand. And if you want to really feel this pain, think of the photo being of a monument or landmark in your home town or your favorite travel destination.

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