Interesting Photo of the Day: 4,000 Bouncy Balls Dropped Down Stairs

Have you ever wondered what 4,000 bouncy balls would look like tumbling down a flight of stairs? One photographer did. And thank God for the internet, or else we may never know the answer:


No cameras were harmed during the shooting of this photo. We hope. (Via Imgur. Click for larger image.)

Why conduct the experiment? So the story goes, the photographer‘s brother was home for Christmas leave from the navy. Wanting to crown his vacation with an unforgettable party, the brother bought the 4,000 rubber balls from Amazon. Aside from setting them down the stairs in a frenzy of color, it’s unclear what else they used them for, but this comment gives some suggestion:

“Ever stick your foot in a tub of 4,000 bouncy balls?”

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