Interesting Photo of the Day: Anamorphic Image Created with Room Full of Objects

An anamorphic image is an illusion that appears distorted from all angles but one. At a very specific vantage point, the image appears “normal.” There have been many of these kinds of images floating around the web over the past few years in the form of sidewalk drawings. From one point, the drawing may look like a giant hole in the ground, yet if you step to the side, you’ll see a distorted mess of lines and colors. The same applies with this image with the exception that it has been created from a mix of clothes, tree branches, and other various 3D objects:

room of objects portrait

Room of Objects at Certain Perspective Creates Portrait (Click to See Full Size)

The artist, Bernard Pras, has experience working in anamorphic imagery. The unique thing about his latest project, besides using tactile objects, is that the objects are not all on one plane. While the majority of the clothes are actually laying on the floor, many of the branches are suspended by strings. Another layer of clothes creates a wall that forms the subject’s forehead. Looking at the installation from the side, you would never be able to guess what it was suppose to be.

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