Photography Concentrate Sale

The people over at Photography Concentrate just alerted us that they are starting Black Friday early for us with 40% off each of these products. Photography Concentrate Pre-Black Friday Sale

Their four unique training packages have been very popular with our readers, so if you are looking for more help in any of these areas, now is a good time to check them out:

1. Extremely Essential Camera Skills

Description: A downloadable tutorial that teaches you how to take control over your camera, and get creative and confident with your photography. By combining illustrations, text, photos and video, it will help you get control in no time.

2. Simple Wedding Photography

Description: A downloadable eBook that teaches you everything you need to know about photographing weddings, and the business behind it. From diagrams of where you should stand throughout the ceremony to advice on all the final deliverables to the client.

3. Super Photo Editing Skills

Description: A downloadable video tutorial that teaches you how to bring the best out of your images, using Adobe Lightroom. The key to effective professional photo editing is SUBTLE adjustment that brings out the best in a photo. Their course is based on this concept.

4. Awesome Album Design Skills

Description: A downloadable video tutorial that teaches you how to quickly design beautiful albums using Adobe InDesign CS5. Designing and selling albums is a fantastic way to make awesome profits with your wedding or portrait photography business.

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