The Path of an Outdoor Photographer

For Tim Kemple, becoming an outdoor photographer was a natural transition into adulthood. He grew up in the mountainside, spending his free days exploring with his family and friends. Upon graduating from university, he took up residence in an old, used RV he purchased on eBay and roamed freely across the country. Kemple documented his journey, photographing his rock climbing friends, and capturing the natural beauty he found during his travels. With an apparent knack for photography, Kemple began getting work as a commercial photographer. Listen to his inspiring story here:

Broadening his horizons, Kemple was spending time in Chamonix, France when he received a telephone call from Black Diamond, a leading outdoor outfitters manufacturer, asking if he would be available to take some photographs for an upcoming campaign.

landscape photography

“I started out shooting my friends climbing and running around in the mountains (Via Fstoppers). From there I started getting more commercial clients, I started getting hired to assignments for magazines and photoshoots for the bigger outdoor brands.”

For Further Training on Outdoor Photography:

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  1. Andy Keeble says:

    What an inspirational video. Clearly a very talented artist, I shall keep my eyes open for more of his work!


  2. David says:

    So how did the outdoor brands hear about Tim Kemple?

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