Study Shows Brides Wish They Had Spent More on Wedding Photography

According to a recent poll of 100 newlywed brides—conducted by New York Magazine as part of their upcoming Bridal Issue—21% of brides say they wish they had budgeted a larger amount of money for their wedding photography. The study isn’t the first of its kind, either. In 2011, the same poll was conducted by Shutterfly who found that 21% of the 500 brides they asked wished they, too, had spent more money on photographs. This information is, of course, helpful to wedding photographers, as discussing it during consultations and image reviews can work to increase sales:

wedding photo study

Brides wish they could go back and spend more on wedding photography.

At 21%, spending more money on photography weighed in as the second biggest budgeting regret behind the vague Everything Else category, which captured 45% of the vote. By contrast, only 12% of brides polled by New York Magazine say they wish they had spent less on photography.

"Wedding" captured by Tere Ortíz Naturalphoto. (Click image to see more from Tere Ortíz Naturalphoto.)

“Wedding” captured by Tere Ortíz Naturalphoto. (Click image to see more from Tere Ortíz Naturalphoto.)

(Via PetaPixel and Huffington) The reports probably come as no surprise to many experienced wedding photographers who recognize the value of the memories photographs and video can provide. This single factor plays a large part as to why wedding photography has turned into a thriving industry of its own.

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