Photographing Kayakers Takes Dedication and Courage to Get the Perfect Shot

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Photographer Tim Kemple doesn’t take vacations — he takes epic photography trips. During a recent visit to Mexico, he photographed some friends doing extreme whitewater kayaking, going to such lengths as dangling precariously from a zipline to capture a unique perspective.

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One of the shots from the trip (the first photograph after the video) was featured as National Geographic’s “Extreme Photo of the Week”

Tim Kemple used a Phase One 645DF+ with a IQ180 digital back and a 28mm lens at 1/1600th shutter to capture the following shots, not to mention a healthy dose courage and creativity.

extreme kayaking photographykayaking photography in Mexico

“We were constantly battling the elements: bugs, rain, and slippery cliff edges. The most difficult part though was trying to be creative, and look at the angles with a fresh perspective… all while trying not to slip and fall, while its raining and you are getting eaten alive by bugs. Creativity under extreme circumstances I guess you’d call it.”

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