How to Look More Photogenic for a Camera: Squinching

Think you don’t need to know how to pose and look pretty for portraits because you make it a point to be behind the camera rather than in front of it? You might want to rethink that notion, even if you don’t personally plan on being photographed, it’s beyond useful to have a few modeling tricks in your tool bag to help you coach your subjects. Take a look at the following video by former model turned renowned headshot photographer, Peter Hurley, to pick up a few pointers:

Hurley has invented the term “Squinching” as a descriptor of squinting with your bottom eyelids only. Throughout the course of the tutorial, he instructs viewers on how to master the technique, even providing the science behind how squinchins is even possible. Look at the side by side headshots of the model below to see the difference between normal and squinching eyes.

On the left, the model is relaxing her eyes. On the right, the model is squinching.

On the left, the model is relaxing her eyes. On the right, the model is squinching.

Hurley is no stranger to headshot and portrait tutorials and he and his advice are widely regarded as some of the best in the industry.

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  1. linda says:

    please help. I cannot download or see your videos or pictures particulary on squinching.
    thank you

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