Get Lost Around Europe in 11 Photos

Packing your gear and leaving your hometown for couple of days to explore new places  is the best way to fill your batteries? Or you’re enjoying it as a part of your job? Look what we found for this week’s photo list!


photo by Studio Laurent on location : Paris, France


photo by sangeeth sivan, on location : London, England


photo by on location : Belgrade, Serbia


photo by Carlo Claveria on location : Berlin, Germany


photo by Tiberio Frascari on location : Oslo, Norway


photo by Jagannadha Raju Pusapati on location : Venice, Italy


photo by MorBCN on location : Amsterdam, Netherlands


photo by Eric Hossinger on location : Dubrovnik, Croatia


photo by rob castro, on location : Madrid, Spain


photo by MorBCN on location : Strasbourg, France


photo by Roman Boed on location : Prague, Czech Republic

Cities are truly amazing, living places that are simultaneously busy, lonely, awake, tired, and alive. So, don’t leave your camera in a hotel because you are just “taking a walk”. Amazing things could happen on the way! For more info check some professional travel photography tips! Have a great trip!

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  1. Marta Cruz says:

    ¿Seriously? ¿The photo about Madrid, Spain, is a statue about bullfighting? If Rob Castro took it as an example of the beauty of the city means that he didn’t walked by the city centre. We have a beautiful neighbourhood from the XVI century, in which it is the Royal Palace. Since where you can shoot fantastic sunsets.

  2. TheBBRcast says:

    Great pictures! : )

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