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What is your Photography-Related New Year’s Resolution? (Click to Join the Discussion)

Find the discussion here: What is your Photography-Related New Year’s Resolution?

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  1. I have 2:

    1. To print more.

    2. To go to Galloway dark sky park and try astro-photography.

  2. Just take more and more pictures

  3. Alex Ingram. says:

    shoot BETTER/SMARTER. edit MORE. add TO DIGITAL archive, MANY GREAT OLD 35 MM CLASSICS (ie more scanning and storage), AND SKETCH MORE Portraits, oh and learn to avoid the Caps Lock Key. LOL Oh yeah,,,eat better, to keep Thyroid going, and to eat healthy and help wife enjoy life more. Get tighter with God. Pray that my wife who has congestive heart failure, diabetes, and now only one functioning kidney,,,,and my Mom, (who will turn 90 in April,,,God Willing),,,,will both survive the best year of their lives in 2011. :)

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