Displaying Confidence as a Photographer to Lead Bold Fashion Photo Sessions

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Peter Coulson describes his work as “strong, sensual and mysteriously elegant with a twist of my screwed up sense of humor”. And he is certainly right, judging by this behind the scenes video. I was primarily impressed by how much confidence as a photographer and leadership this type of photo shoot would require:

So, how does the award-winning photographer do it?

More than just being a photographer, he (Peter Coulson) is acting like a film director throughout the photo session, leading his team with full confidence to get the shots. He guides the beautiful German-Ukrainian Teisha Lowry through an exhibitionist journey through the down-town of Melbourne. We should keep in mind that the model, though a professional, is partially dressed woman, that must confidently stroll around town with confidence as well as passerbyers gawk at her. The overall optimistic and confident attitude is a key asset for both the model and the photographer.

02-Teisha Lowry for Bellechasse, Night on the Town by Peter Coulson-002

The gear was kept to a minimum. The photographer uses a EOS-1D Mark IV camera, along with a 16-35mm lens and a Canon 580Ex MkII on camera external flash. This avoids the hassle of carrying and setting up wireless strobes or speedlights. The lightweight gear allowed him to quickly adapt to different scenes and impromptu scenarios, like the one with the fire truck.

04-Teisha Lowry for Bellechasse, Night on the Town by Peter Coulson-004

The on-camera flash also helps provide the feeling of a paparazzi style, authentic and raw snapshots that make you wonder about the story that lies beyond the photograph.

16-Teisha Lowry for Bellechasse, Night on the Town by Peter Coulson-016

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