New! Topaz Texture Effects 2

$10 off. Inspiration is only a click away!

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New! Topaz Texture Effects 2

About This Deal

The brand new Texture Effects 2 allows users to create a variety of textured, toned, and lighting effects in their photography workflow in a fraction of the time it takes in other editing software. It is currently $10 off for the launch sale until this deal ends, simply remember to use the discount code TFX2 at checkout. See how it works here


Streamlined and easy-to-use, Texture Effects offers limitless customization. Adjustments include textures, light leaks, borders, dust/scratches, color overlay, basic adjustment, edge blur, split tone, diffusion, grain, vignette and more.


Some of the Many Features:

1. Over 150 Customizable Effects. Choose from an array of expertly crafted effects within these seven collections: Earthy, Ethereal, Gritty Grunge, Lo-Fi, Pop Grunge, Soft Grunge and Vintage.

2. Over 275 High-Res Assets. Texture Effects includes a large library of textures, borders, light leaks and more for you to instantly preview on your image.


3. Topaz Community Effect Sharing. Browse an ever-growing library of user-created effects. Easily download effects to apply them to your image and quickly share your own inspired effects.

4. Works as Standalone, Plugin and External Editor. Topaz Texture Effects does not require a host editor and can work free standing. It is also possible to use it as a plugin in Photoshop and external editor in Lightroom.


5. Texture Manager. Easily add new Texture categories, import your own or purchased textures and instantly see them in your Texture adjustment panel.

6. User Interface Design. With Texture Effects we have continued to develop a more efficient interface to improve usability and workflow, allowing users to add, delete and re-order adjustments to create custom and streamlined effects.

There are four main areas to Texture Effects: the preview window, the effects panel, the adjustments/sliders and the effects browser.


Includes access to the Topaz Community. Surf an ocean of hand-crafted, user-created effects and download to apply the effects that speak to you. Share your own inspired effects with one simple click.

New! Topaz Texture Effects 2

$10 off. Inspiration is only a click away!

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