Topaz ReMask at $20 Off!

Find out why it is the holy grail of Photoshop plug-ins

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Topaz ReMask at $20 Off!

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Creating masks/selections within photos can be difficult, tedious and time consuming, but good masks make it easy to replace unwanted backgrounds, create compositions and more. ReMask is designed to solve these issues making complex photo selections effortless. They are offering it at $20 off until this deal ends, simply remember to use the discount code GetReMask5 at checkout. See how it works here


Thousands of photographers use ReMask every day to replace backgrounds, create composites and make selective adjustments.

Performance Highlights:

Masking Made Easy - Using the brush tools, simply paint over elements to create a trimap – ReMask will do the rest! Five different previews along with side-by-side comparison screens make it easy to see where your work is perfect and where touch-ups are needed.

Spend More Time Creating - Activate the Magic Brush for clean and accurate refinements. Simply swipe the brush, then sit back and enjoy the show. ReMask instantly recalculates the section based on characteristics of your keep and cut areas. There isn’t a better tool for making a perfect cutout.

The Secret to Perfect Masks - Have you ever spent hours or days trying to mask a wedding veil, tree, or your curly-haired niece? With ReMask, you'll never walk away from your computer with furrowed brows and tired eyes again. The Color Range and Transparency Brushes are designed specifically for these situations so you can focus on what’s important: Deciding which colors stay and go. These tools are especially useful for hard-to-mask areas like hair and fur.

"Our main focus is to give you the best quality mask from minimal user interaction. Compared with Photoshop, ReMask doesn't need tedious brush work to get a high quality mask. You only need to roughly outline your subject and press ‘Compute'." -Ben Ma, Topaz Senior Software Designer

The tool is very easy to install and then appears under your filters menu in Photoshop or other programs.

Topaz ReMask at $20 Off!

Find out why it is the holy grail of Photoshop plug-ins

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