Interesting Photo of the Day: Chinese Cadets in Absolutely Perfect Formation

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Here’s a photo from China’s 60th National Day Parade showing cadets from the Dalian Naval Academy. The Academy has marched in every National Day parade, and does so in absolutely perfect formation where every solider marches in unison with each other:

chinese military

Chinese Military in Perfect Formation (Click to See Full Size, imgur)

This is another example of how patterns can create an interesting image. There is something about a repeating pattern that catches the eye and makes an image visually dynamic. Photographers often make use of patterns when photographing subjects such as modern architecture.

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  1. WW says:

    I wish Nikon made this lens.

  2. memo says:

    and they are all the same height.

  3. Len says:

    “ABSOLUTELY PERFECT FORMATION” Really? Are you blind?

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