Yoga Photography Techniques at Dusk

Sun-drenched shades of red clay and pink granite combine with the brilliant hues of a desert sunset to make for a striking yoga-themed photo shoot in Enchanted Rock, Texas. Photographer Kurt Kronk used a unique lighting setup to present both his subject and the majestic natural surroundings to the best advantage:

Kronk used an┬áProfoto AcuteB Two-head Split Cable to connect two heads to one AcuteB2 battery generator. Although this halved the amount of power available to each light head, it worked for Kronk’s purposes in balancing with the natural light source of the sunset. The resulting photos offer a very natural-looking effect:

yoga photo shoot at sunset

yoga photo shoot at Enchanted Rock, Texas

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One response to “Yoga Photography Techniques at Dusk”

  1. safetyjack says:

    The ‘resulting photos’ may be a lot of things, but natural is NOT one of them. The lighting is SO apparently artificial that I am amazed that you would make that comment. A bunch of other adjectives would fit, but forget ‘natural’.

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