Would You Let a Drone Be Your Wedding Photographer?

Drones are fast becoming a part of our lives. Drones for product delivery, traffic management, and now drones as wedding photographers! Yeah, you read it right. And if we are to believe the pictures below, couples are digging it:

A drone as a wedding photographer gives kind of a cool feeling to the whole event. No doubt there are people who are traditional and won’t quite like the idea of a ‘non-traditional’ guest at a wedding. For those with a taste for the less than ordinary, drones are just one more way to make their wedding pictures special.

drone wedding photography

Drones offer unique camera angles.

However, there are some serious safety issues that need to be considered before using drones in public places. An out of control drone can easily injure wedding guests.

Flying a drone, also referred to as quadcopters because of the perception of ‘military tech’ that is associated with the former term, isn’t as simple as it may seem. Different countries have different laws regarding the devices being flown in public places. The FAA guidelines stipulate that a drone pilot mustn’t fly it above 400 feet, while also making it mandatory to ask for permission before flying them at a wedding.

couple photographed by a drone

What do you think? Would you want a drone at your wedding?

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