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Exploring the Sky: California, Nevada, Florida & Puerto Rico

Helmet cam footage from wingsuit flights at the edges of the United States, including California (Lake Elsinore), Florida (Zephyrhills), Nevada (Mesquite), and Puerto Rico (Vega Baja). The last scene was from a vertical formation record; 25 expert wingsuit fliers exiting from two airplanes and flocking together in a vertical diamond. The huge clouds made it difficult to navigate on that particular jump and we ended up landing spread out all over the countryside.

Exploring the Sky: Wingsuit Aerial Fleet

Wingsuit pilots from all over the world recently gathered to test the limits of flying in large vertical fleets. It is a new discipline that is now possible due to the tremendous forward speed of wingsuits which allows pilots to fly directly above one another in close proximity while carefully avoiding each other’s slipstreams. There were 36 pilots in the group (also 2 camera flyers), and even with tight spacing the fleet was still over 6 stories high (72 feet), which you can see at 3:09. This was the largest vertical formation ever flown. The weather made for frequent delays, but when we did get an opportunity, the clouds and lighting were spectacular.

Exploring the Sky: Windy City Chicago

Wingsuit flying footage from just outside the city of Chicago. A beautiful place to fly. Wingsuit pilots: Richard Schneider, John Kallend, Josh Sheppard, Justin Shorb, Greg Drogaline, Brian Snarr, Omnia Ibrahim, Kenny Simon.

Exploring the Sky: Massachusetts

Footage from Massachusetts over the July 4th weekend. An amazing sunset flight starting from 15,000 feet up departing from a DHC-4 Caribou, then dropping through the clouds and flying back home. Wingsuit pilots: Richard Schneider, Josh Sheppard, Abe Sheppard, Justin Shorb, Matt Veno, Omnia Ibrahim, Justin Pabis, Matt Veno, Jeff Donohue, James Raimar, Rick Hough and more.

Exploring the Sky: SoCal Wingsuit Training Sessions

Many camera angles from wingsuit flights over Lake Elsinore in southern California. Some horizontal and vertical formation practice flying relative to others, distance flights, aircraft exit techniques, barrel rolls, and parachute deployments. Wingsuit Pilots: Douglas Spotted Eagle, Joel Hindman, Matt Santa Maria, Oj Breaud, Darren Burke, Jose Calderon, Vitaliy Frolov, Ed Pawlowski, Dennis Sattler, and many more.

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