Why Taking Self Portraits is a Good Thing

We usually see selfies as very superficial. And to be honest, there’s a good number of people who really hate selfies. But, if you look at selfies from a photographer’s perspective, it’s so much more than just opening up the front camera of your smartphone and taking a snap with a pout. It’s also about you being the part of your own photo and expressing what you want others to feel in the photograph. Photographer Chelsea Northrup explains in this video, why taking selfies is a good thing and how it can make photography fun:

Just because we come across many bad examples of selfies doesn’t mean that it’s a bad genre of photography. When done properly, self portraits can have great results. Being on the other side of the camera where you yourself are the photographer gives you a different perspective. It teaches you how it feels being in front of a camera.

Self portraits are also great when you want to experiment with something new. It can save you a good amount whenever you’re not sure about trying new things. This also gives you an opportunity to try the weird ideas that you might not want to share with others.

“It’s an inexpensive, easy, and fast way to practice your craft.”

What do you think of the idea of taking self portraits?

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