Why Carrying Too Much Photography Gear is a Bad Idea

In order to get better at photography, you don’t need to own all the latest and greatest gear. Many photographers make the mistake of falling into companies’ marketing traps and end up buying a whole bunch of unnecessary equipment. You can end up spending more time thinking about what gear you should be using, instead of considering the story you want to tell. This video features an insightful discussion with documentary photographer Daniel Milnor, who explains how a one-camera, one-lens setup can actually help you improve your photography:

When you walk around with several camera bodies and lenses in your backpack, most of the time they only slow you down. Instead of photographing what’s in front of you, you’ll end up second guessing your lens choice. All of this distraction is going to cause you to miss the photo opportunity at some point.

“Buy the smallest camera you can possibly buy. Otherwise, you are never going to carry it.”

What use is a camera if you don’t look forward to carrying it? During shoots, you’re going to have it dangling around your neck. If your equipment is too big and bulky, chances are you’ll get tired of it. This could even cause you to develop negative feelings towards photography in general.

That being said, if you’re out for a paid job, it’s always a good idea to have some sort of extra gear along as a backup. But if great shots are all you’re after, one system is all you really need.

Be sure to watch the entire video, as Milnor discusses why having a minimal setup is a winning idea.

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One response to “Why Carrying Too Much Photography Gear is a Bad Idea”

  1. Anas says:

    When it comes to commercial photography gear always counts, when you start earning start investing. Hobby any camera is good, small the best!

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