Amazing Use of White Balance in Arctic Wildlife Photography

No one documents the beauty of the Arctic quite like French wildlife photographer Vincent Munier. Packing his gigantic telephoto lens and tripod through deep snowdrifts and glaciers that seem to stretch on forever in every direction, Munier captures stunning photographs of everything from Arctic predators like foxes, and wolves, and bears to the smallest of birds and rodents, such as hares in signature minimalist style.

He recently published a collection of these images in his book Arctique, which led to his work being featured in National Geographic’s Short Film Showcase below:

In true minimalist fashion, we don’t hear from Munier at all in the film — rather, he allows his photographs and the Arctic’s pristine and mysterious scenery do the talking.

arctic vincent munier national geographic short film showcase wolves
geese birds ducks mountain snow snowdrift ice glacier owl
polar bear foxes lemmings hares cold winter snowstorm blizzard

However, Munier does include a brief quote about his work and his background in life and photography on his website:

“I was lucky to grow up in an area where nature reveals its beauty in whimsical seasons, and to discover these landscapes with my father, who taught me to respect the quietness of the wilderness while introducing me to photography.”

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