When Should You Use Gels and Softbox Grids?

There are so many different types of lighting modifiers hitting today’s market, it can be hard to determine when you should be using what. As Joe McNally explains in this short video tutorial, a curbside fashion shoot at night is the perfect time to break out your collection of gels. In the video, McNally uses a red gel to make the light coming from the neon signage in the background really pop. Take a look as he shows you his exact setup and why he used a small fabric grid on his softbox:

Below, you can see how McNally used a combination of a small softbox and grid to light the model along with a red gel on a speedlight which was set up in the background to accentuate reds on the wall behind the model.

photography softboxes

Results from Gels and Softbox Grids (this photo has not been edited)

Not too bad for an easily portable two light setup!

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One response to “When Should You Use Gels and Softbox Grids?”

  1. Matt Masha says:

    Very helpful information. Cannot wait to get my phottix softbox to try out new things.

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