Fascinating to Watch the Wet Plate Collodion Photography Process in First-Person

Many of us have heard of tintype photography, but few probably actually know the process or have ever seen it. In this video, photographer Mark Zimmerman straps a GoPro to his head and goes about making a wet plate collodion photograph on aluminum. Zimmerman goes through the whole process from preparing, to shooting, to developing:

Not only does the first person point-of-view make it unique and engaging to watch, but you can clearly see every step that Zimmerman takes in making a tintype. He makes it look easy, though it’s obvious he’s done this many times before and has prepared many things in advance. This video is almost convincing enough to make one invest in wet collodian and a GoPro at the same time.

large format camera

Framing and focusing the shot

drying tintype

Drying the tintype over an oil lamp

tintype photograph

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