Wedding Photography: How to Make a Bride Look Her Best

They say that a wedding is the union between two people who love each other and want to celebrate spending the rest of their lives together. We all know that, in truth, the day and the celebration is often all about one person: the bride. In the video below, Cliff Mautner partners up with Nikon to show us how wedding photography should be done:

Use Soft Light

In this behind the scenes clip, Mautner notes how using soft light on the bride’s face can make the shots stand out. He uses the diffused light of a window and closes the curtains partway to control the lighting.

Shoot From Above

To make the photo even better and have the bride’s best features come into play, he climbed up a step and shot the photo from a small height.

bridal potrait perspective

Shoot From Above

Choose a Flattering Focal Length

For a tight close-up portrait, the photographer used two lenses: a 35mm and a 85mm lens.

35mm close up portrait

Bridal Portrait with a 35mm Lens

wedding photography bride nikon 35mm 85mm

Bridal Portrait with an 85mm Lens

While the 35mm definitely delivered a stunning shot, the 85mm better portrayed the bride’s facial features.

Focus on the Eyelashes

When shooting wide open, which is often the case in low light and when you want these types of close up portraits, focus can be difficult. Mautner uses the bride’s eyelashes as his point of focus.

Using these tips, even in a drab room with low light, you can create stunning portraits that make the bride look her best.

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