Watch a Professional Timelapse Photographer At Work

We’re becoming rather spoiled when it comes to all the stunning timelapse footage we come across and, without fail, we always make to sure to express how time consuming and laborious it is to take a timelapse from a concept to a finished clip. That’s not without reason. Besides using tens to hundreds of thousands of still photographs, the amount of time that goes into editing it all together starts becoming astronomical. But, you don’t have to take our word for it. Take a look at Philip Bloom hard at work with¬†eight¬†DSLRs during the NAB Show in Las Vegas:

Bloom was collecting timelapse footage for a project he is working on for the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. At the end of the clip, viewers are treated to a small glimpse of the master timelapse maker’s finished project. Camera gawkers around the world are undoubtedly drooling over Bloom’s extensive setup, which included the following cameras:

timelapse photography

“It’s a pretty crazy setup. It’s click, click, click, click, click, click, but thankfully it’s all out on a lovely terrace. It’s going to be an epic five days of shooting and then the edit is going to be even more epic–I would say hellish. But, it’s quite worth it.” —Philip Bloom

At the time of writing, the rest of the footage is being edited and should be available shortly on Bloom’s blog.

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