Watch a Professional Photographer Try to do a Low Light Photo Shoot in 5 Minutes

Photoshoots are time consuming undertakings. There are lights to set up, angles to figure out, assistants to organize, not to mention all the small details that need to be sorted out. In Kai’s latest challenge, he challenges photographer, Chow Kar Hoo, to conduct a professional style shoot in just five minutes. In that short window of time, the photographer must set up his lights and do all the other necessary procedures to take a photo that is worthy of framing. Check out the video below to see how the Kar Hoo fared:

With his work cut out for him, Kar Hoo really stepped up to the challenge. As soon as the clock started ticking, his assistants moved onto the scene and started setting up lights and a reflector to bounce light off of. The team also used a handheld light meter, to save time and gain improved accuracy over an in camera meter. Within a couple minutes Kar Hoo started snapping test shots and working with the assistants to fine tune the lighting until it was just right.

setting up a photoshoot

With just five minutes of work, the Chow Kar Hoo was able to create the photo seen here.

To make the challenge fun for everyone, Kai also had to drink a pint a beer within the five minute time frame. As you can see in the final above, the empty glass in his hand signifies a successful completion of his challenge as well.

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