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A pair of photographers take us on a behind-the-scenes tour of a recent vintage themed photo shoot in Denver, Colorado to share with us not just the experience, but also a few tips and tricks. In the video, R. J. Kern and Amanda Tipton give us the rundown on how to prepare for and shoot a vintage scene. Tipton stresses the importance of shooting on a set that accurately portrays the era your photograph is set in. In other words, if you want your photograph to appear as though it is from the 1920s, make sure your background and models’ wardrobes reflect that. For their 1950s shoot, the two are working inside The Cruise Room, an art deco lounge located in Denver:

Tipton and Kern also make good use of a hot lighting setup. As explained in the video, the continuous lighting affords both photographers the ability to shoot simultaneously from many perspectives. When selecting lighting, they took into consideration the type of lighting that would have been used during the 1950s to add an extra level of authenticity to the shoot. As you can see, the masterpiece is made with the smallest of detail.

vintage photo

“Lighting is one of those nuances of photography that can make or break the style.”

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