Using Photography to Capture the “Amazing” in Everyday Life

Living legend photographer Jay Maisel is undoubtedly best known for capturing what is most amazing in everyday life: the light, the color and the gesture. His unique vision of the quotidian, of what’s trivial and simple, has been featuring in countless annual reports, magazine covers, album covers and advertisings for the last 40 years, throughout the world.

Now, at the age of 82, film and video production company The Big Picture presents us with this Emmy Award winning short documentary film, portraying the vision and the work method of one of the greatest photographers of our time:

Leaving commercial work back in the 90’s, Jay Maisel has been focusing on his personal work since then — after his extensive photography lectures and workshops around the country, Jay now dedicates his life to teaching and inspiring young photographers.

His work can still be found in private, corporate and museum collections:


“If you are out there shooting, things will happen for you. If you’re not out there, you’ll only hear about it.” -Jay Maisel

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6 responses to “Using Photography to Capture the “Amazing” in Everyday Life”

  1. Bhaven Jani says:

    Vow, what an amazingly inspiring video this is. I went through it several times. Jay is such a humble guy with lots of wisdom in what he says. Thanks for sharing this video.

  2. Tom Bruce says:

    This is indeed an excellent video.Thanks again Jay for sharing your wisdom, your passion shines through in your videos.

  3. mark reese says:

    Wow!! That was filled with lots of inspiration. I love the fact that his images have so emotion in them. And I too like to haul my camera with me on arrons also. Watching Jay just makes me want to keep “snappin away” Thank you for the video.

  4. Jean surowiec says:

    That is so me. I’m 73 and love capturing pictures of the ordinary , I see extraordinary. Have accumulated so many pictures on my cf card and computer but unfortunately haven’t printed them. I love capturing the uniqueness of life. Wish I had started long ago. I also make it a habit to make my camera a part of me. I find so many things that I want to capture forever and let everyone see what I see. Thanks for your inspiration. It’s rare I find some who thinks About photography the way I do.

  5. Mark Drolson says:

    I was totally taken by Jay Maisel when I watched the 3 videos of a day with Jay Maisel with Scott Kelby. I watched them over an over again and learned so much. I see things now that I never saw before when I take pictures. The man is a genius when it comes to taking pictures of every day life. When I look down the street now I things I never saw before. Because of Jay. I would love to meet him in person an sit down for just one day. It would be amazing.

  6. Clemens Roether says:

    Went to one of Jay’s week-long workshops in Santa Fe. What I learned there were simple things that last for a lifetime. Not f stops or shutter speeds, but how to see — photographically.
    I pick up small interesting rocks sometimes and when Jay said he likes rocks I sent him one of my favorites (a round, black, flat rock with a blue streak through it. Saw the stack of rocks in the film,wonder if he saved mine.)
    Thanks for showing this inspiring film.
    Clemens Roether

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