Underwater Photography: Everything You Need to Know

In this hour-long seminar, pro photographer Larry Cohen reviews many different types of cameras and light systems to use in underwater photography. He covers just about everything, from point and shoot types to extensive DSLR rigs, making sure there is something for everyone’s budget and needs. To back up his expertise, the seminar also offers a vast array of Cohen’s stunning marine life images. Take a look:

Cohen discusses not just the equipment but also why and how it can help you improve your photography. For example, a dome port on an ultra wide angle lens, such as the Tokina AF 10-17mm, corrects distortion caused by the lens. Another good point of discussion is the difficulty of changing lenses in underwater photography. DSLR users have to decide which lens they want to use before going underwater. They’re committed to that lens unless they want to surface and change it out, whereas point and shoot cameras often have a macro setting that allows photographers to switch in and out of macro mode with the push of the button.



When shooting underwater, it’s also important that you are within close proximity to your subject. Cohen often tells people that if you are not within two feet of your subject, the picture is probably not worth taking. The most important thing according to Cohen, however, is to have fun and experiment. Because the surroundings will vary for each image you take, some rules are not so hard and fast. Try new things–you may be pleasantly surprised!

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