Underwater Composite Photography Project for a Cameraphone Ad

Underwater photography used to be the realm of professional-grade cameras with expensive water-tight enclosures. However, recent years have seen the development of point-and-shoot cameras that can take photos and video while submerged in shallow waters without the need for additional waterproof housing. The commercial photographers tasked with advertising the new Sony Xperia ZR chose to use composite photography to piece together razor sharp underwater scenes:

For the underwater shoot, photographer Jeffery Richt employs a setup that includes a wide-angle lens on an underwater camera and a strobe fired from above the surface. He then proceeds to use post-processing techniques to create composites, add bubbles, and plaster the scene on the submerged phone’s screen.

Underwater Product Photography base photo

Underwater Product Photography montage

Underwater Product Photography final

It’s a good concept and executed exceptionally well. The end results are sure to make any snap-happy swimmer eager to get their wrinkled fingers on the sleek phone.

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One response to “Underwater Composite Photography Project for a Cameraphone Ad”

  1. Robin says:

    I love the final ad picture, but shouldn’t stuff like this be banned for ad purposes? This really is false advertisement….They should only be allowed to show pictures made by the phone itself,

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