Troubled Dirt Bike Photoshoot Turns Epic

When Tim Kemple set out to shoot a pair of dirt bikers with his new PhaseOne IQ250, he had some very specific shots he wanted to capture. After a series of untimely incidents–a helicopter crash, rainy weather, a bike wreck–he had to completely change his plan. That may sound like a defeat, but as Kemple explains in this behind the scenes video, it only made his photos turn out even better than he imagined:

As any experienced photographer can tell you that perseverance is key. Despite all the bad luck Kemple found during the shoot, he and his team were able to improvise and remain optimistic which, undoubtedly, is what kept everyone working to get the shots.


The original plan was to mount the camera to a helicopter.

After the loss of the remote controlled helicopter–the shoot’s main focus–right at the beginning, Kemple dragged out Plan B: a ladder. He perched himself on the ladder and pulled off some awesome shots. The PhaseOne handled the situation like a champ, even when the light started fading and Kemple had to start boosting the ISO.


The fading light and a rain storm made for some beautiful shots.


Kemple’s high vantage point gave the shoot an interesting perspective.

“I knew from the beginning that it wouldn’t be easy, but I’m always pushing myself to capture images that are truly unique.”

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One response to “Troubled Dirt Bike Photoshoot Turns Epic”

  1. Mike b says:

    What you have pictured, and what the photographer would have used is not a ‘helicopter’, which is a two bladed aircraft.

    What is pictures is a multirotor hexacopter, or sUAS. Definitely not a helicopter.

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