Travel Through Austria with this Gorgeous Timelapse Compilation

From the mountaintops to the rivers and lakes below, prepare to be stunned by Austria. The production company FilmSpektakel toured Austria from top to bottom to create this moving timelapse photography compilation. Infused with the sounds of buzzing bees, babbling brooks and electric jolts, this video gives us a whirlwind tour of the beautiful country:

The film production company is made up of three young producers based in Vienna, Austria. Known for their timelapse videos of Austria, they’ve gained popularity since they began in 2012. The cameras used to create this video were a Canon 5D mark III, Canon 6D, and a Canon 600D.

town and lake
pink and orange sunset
lights at night

To capture all these beautiful shots, they spent two full years filming from 2013-2015 throughout the entire country totaling about 600 clips that took up about 5 terabytes of space. Now that’s teamwork and dedication to a final product.

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One response to “Travel Through Austria with this Gorgeous Timelapse Compilation”

  1. Don says:

    I found their technique of jumping from scene to scene extremely irritating to the point where I turned it off less than half way through the video.

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