Top 10 Most Famous Photographers of All Time

If you want to take truly memorable and moving photographs, you can learn something by studying the pictures of famous photographers. Some of the most beloved artists are deceased, but some are still delighting us with their photographs. The list below includes some of the more famous photographers that still impact our lives today.

top 10 photographers

1. Ansel Adams is probably the most easily recognized name of any photographer. His landscapes are stunning; he achieved an unparalleled level of contrast using creative darkroom work. You can improve your own photos by reading Adams’ own thoughts as he grew older, when he wished that he had kept himself strong enough physically to continue his work.

2. Yousuf Karsh has taken photographs that tell a story, and that are more easily understood than many others. Each of his portraits tells you all about the subject. He felt as though there was a secret hidden behind each woman and man. Whether he captures a gleaming eye or a gesture done totally unconsciously, these are times when humans temporarily lose their masks. Karsh’s portraits communicate with people.

3. Robert Capa has taken many famous war-time photographs. He has covered five wars, even though the name “Robert Capa” was only the name placed to the photos that Endre Friedman took and that were marketed under the “Robert Capa” name. Friedman felt that if you were not close enough to the subject, then you wouldn’t get a good photograph. He was often in the trenches with soldiers when he took photographs, while most other war photographers took photos from a safe distance.

4. Henri Cartier-Bresson has a style that makes him a natural on any top ten photographer list. His style has undoubtedly influenced photography as much as anyone else’s. He was among the first to use 35mm film, and he usually shot in black and white. We are not graced by more of his work, since he gave up the craft about 30 years before he passed away. It’s sad that there are fewer photographs by Cartier-Bresson to enjoy.

5. Dorothea Lange took photographs during the Great Depression. She took the famous photo of a migrant mother, which is said to be one of the best-known photographs in history. In the 1940s, she also photographed the Japanese internment camps, and these photographs show sad moments in American history.

6. Jerry Uelsman created unique images with composite photographs. Being very talented in the darkroom, he used this skill in his composites. He never used digital cameras, since he felt that his creative process was more suited to the darkroom.

7. Annie Leibovitz does fine photographic portraits and is most well known for her work with Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone magazine. Her photographs are intimate, and describe the subject. She’s unafraid of falling in love with the people she photographed.

8. Brassaï is the pseudonym for Gyula Halasz, and he was well known for his photographs of ordinary people. He was proof that you don’t have to travel far to find interesting subjects. He used ordinary people for his subjects, and his photos are still captivating.

9. Brian Duffy was a British photographer who shot fashion in the 1960s and 70s. He lost his photographic interest at one time and burned many negatives, but then he began taking photos again a year before he died.

10. Jay Maisel is a famous modern photographer. His photos are simple; he doesn’t use complex lighting or fancy cameras. He often only takes one lens on photo outings, and he enjoys taking photos of shapes and lights that he finds interesting.

Of course there are other famous photographers that may be a part of your top 10 list. There is much to be learned in the art and craft of photography and from those who inspire us most.

About the Author:
Morris Pawtucket (FamousPhotographers125) writes about the famous photographers throughout history who have changed the way we see.

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110 responses to “Top 10 Most Famous Photographers of All Time”

  1. Michal says:

    What exactly is the point of this list? 10 photographer’s names I can remember at moment? Should any of them feel grateful that the author decided to to include them on the list?

    What does it mean to be famous anyway? There are photographers who are famous but in no way they are artists or pioneers, on the other hand there are pioneers and artists who remain fairly unknown. Is “fame” really more important than anything else?

    I consider compilations like that to be a waste of time.

    • Anon says:

      I see where you’re coming from but I, being a student, found this list useful because I have to write a paper on a photographer. I couldn’t think of any so I just Google searched it and this came up. I don’t think it’s a waste of time. Granted the title is a little misleading, there are many other more famous photographers, but maybe they wanted to include different types of photography. Each of the artists listed have different styles.

    • R'laine says:

      @ Michal – yet you commented.

    • Duncan says:

      Dude, they why did you bother to read the damn article?!

      “Q:Why do you keep hitting yourself over your head with a Hammer? A:Because it feels so good when I stop!”

    • Drew says:

      It is so that you can search them further but at least find their names. They are famous because they made a difference. They are famous being they changed someone’s point of veiw, someone’s way of thinking. They don’t have to be artistic or unique. They just have to make a difference. And HELLO it’s called integrity. It doesn’t matter if they are noticed or not it matters that they did what they did.

    • Larry says:

      Looks like someone’s found out the meaning of life.

    • Francisco says:

      Al primer comentario dejado por Michal. Si no le gustan las listas, cuando vea un artículo titulado “Los 10 mejores …” no lo lea y siga de largo, así deja sus malas vibras en otro lado…

  2. Michael says:

    I have to agree with Michal, what is the point? Besides the fact that literally half of them I have never heard of before, you left out a few who are at least as famous, if not more so.

    I think a title, and concept, along the lines of “10 Photographers Worth Checking Out” would be better.

  3. Famous may be much less important than significant. Of important photographers, that is photographers who made important contributions at significant times, you would have to include Edward Weston and Paul Strand, both of who were mentors of Adams. Perhaps without them Adams work may not have been as ground breaking as it was. I absolutely agree about Adams and Karsh but would also have to add Eliot Porter, since he was a “ground breaker” in color photography. As for Brian Duffy and Jay Maisel, not so much.

  4. Good point Nathan McCreery.
    I would also include Eadweard Muybridge and Jacques Henri Lartigue.

  5. Tiberman Sajiwan Ramyead says:

    Inspiring and refreshing.

    I clicked on Ansel Adams which took me to Wikipedia. I didn’t know that he had an eidetic (photographic) memory.

  6. eiffair says:

    A very american list…

    What about Andreas Gursky, Jacques-Henri Lartigue and thousands of others.

  7. Kendall Adams says:

    I can appreciate the earlier comments but I feel you perhaps are missing the point. Famous or not, technically skilled or not, these photographers have made a significant impact on photography and its ever growing history. The photographers mentioned are “famous” in there own right, as are many less well known photographers. The “mentors” as were mentioned were actually more contemporaries of Ansel Adams, even collaborators.
    Many other photographers can and should probably be added to this list, but then we wouldn’t be able to limit our list to only 10. Opinions are what makes the viewing of photographs so interesting. Seldom do two people share the same opinions, particularly as they relate to visual imagery. A photograph is meant to communicate. If it does that in any form it is considered to be effective, maybe even “famous”. Enjoy the photographers listed for what they accomplished. Create your own lists if you would like. Do not denigrate another’s opinion simply because it differs from yours. Variety and our abilities to interpret as we please make photography what it is, the single most communicative medium in the world. Even more so than the printed word, every sighted person can enjoy and understand a photograph. Lighten up guys, maybe someday someone will want to include you on their lists.

  8. …”maybe someday someone will want to include you on their lists”. Could be, not likely though, given the huge number of photographers out there. Actually, I understood the point quite well. However, my point is that significant may be more to the issue than famous. I can name a number of people (not photographers, necessarily) who are famous because of our societies ridiculous obsession with celebrity, but very insignificant to everyone but themselves. My point is, that although some on the list my be well known, there are others who have had a larger impact on the history of photography and aren’t so well known. I guess the point is, everyone will have a different list depending on preference. However few could argue the importance of Adams or Karsh etc. Actually Adams and Edward Weston and Paul Strand were contemporaries, although they were much older than Adams. I said they were mentors. Perhaps strong influencers (not a word but should be) would be more accurate.

  9. Michael O'Neill says:

    Aren’t top 10 list a great way to generate blog traffic?

    Interesting list, but I’ve never heard of Brian Duffy… Ever heard of of Richard Avedon?

  10. Tiberman – That’s interesting about Adams. However, I approach anything from Wikipedia with a grain of salt. I’m not sure how well it’s documented.

  11. Rodney says:

    If you are tlking about to top 10 photo’s then howabout showing them.

  12. School Girl says:

    I found it very helpful for my art homework. THANK YOU FOR THIS LIST!!

  13. cynthia says:

    This is the dumbest list I have ever read. Useless!

  14. Ansel Adams- the most famous photographer of all time! This has been a great help for my assignment.

  15. Jason says:

    Folks, Top 10 Lists are written from the perspective of the person writing / compiling the list and when there are billions of people on the planet, you can expect that many lists. Some convergent and some dramatically divergent. Are there other notable photographers who might be on such a list, the answer is a Yes. What we should understand is this list is this particular author’s list. Someone above mentioned they never heard of Brian Duffy. Possible. He was British and at one point in his career he decided to quit photography and burned his negatives, this from a person who shot for the leading European magazines in the 60’s and 70’s. If you have heard of David LaChapelle and Annie Liebovitz , then think of Brian Duffy as their forerunner in that arena. Don’t criticize an article because your favorites are not on it or because you don’t happen to know the people mentioned in the list. Read up about these photographers and see their online galleries and decide for yourself if you find their work interesting / impressive / inspiring. Slander is easy, but the writer did his own research and has reasons that appeal to him. Its that simple.

  16. I don’t have anything at all against lists, particularly when it comes to making ones of artists to review their work for inspiration but I think Top 10 lists are really just loaded posts designed to create some traffic, like this one is doing. Given the highly subjective nature of art, these are, as someone has already said, just a perspective of one person. No problem having a list like this as long as those that are using them for school assignments and the like understand that this is not a definitive list and only a starting point. In looking through this particular list I can see at least one photographer that the only Top 10 list I would put them in would be “Most Overrated Photographer of All Time”, but that’s just my opinion. That being said, if blog posts are for the purpose of communicating information to your readers, which I personally think they should be, then I guess this list should be taken as a starting point for further research.

  17. Giuseppe says:

    I live ijn an assisted health facility, so I can’t remember everything I’d like to. But that said, and I can’t remember the photographer’s entire name, his last name is “Rosenthal”, I believe his photograph of
    “Raising the American on Iwo Jima, is really the iconic photography of WWII. It’s one I’ll never forget.

  18. Aisha says:

    This is great information..thanks..:)

  19. Cutiepier says:

    Man, this website is great!!! These are really great

  20. Lucky says:

    I found this useful as a model, i needed ideas for a photoshoot and could not think of any photographers! brilliant thank you!

  21. John Dido says:

    Most of these have quality, but they also were from a time where only a bunch of guys in the world had cameras and the money to develop their works and as because they were only a few of course their images would have much more impact than now, when you have pictures jumping from everywhere, everysecond. Now, they wouldn’t make any difference, they would just be another photographer. They could never become famous in a world like ours today.

  22. Nancy Young says:

    In my opinion fame is a matter of chance. A person becomes famous by his/her talent, but sometimes he or she does something really memorable. There are a lot of different talented, but still unknown people in all the spheres of life. Fame is a relative term, because today you can be famous, but tomorrow everybody would forget about you.

    Anyway, I think there is a lack of imagies in this post to make it memorable and famous.

  23. Nancy Young says:

    By the way, here is an awesome post about famous photographers that shares their photos and stories behind them: Feel free to check it out!

  24. Jess says:

    Why are you guys picking on the author so much? Give them a break. So they posted a top 10 lest. And so they included famous photographers. Get over it. Famous photographers are the people who shaped photography, and they deserve the title famous. They’re famous for a reason. No where in the article did it say, “If you’re not famous, you’re not good enough”. So calm down. I’m not famous, and I’m happy with my photography. It’s a list, and it’s meant to help you. It’s only a collection of names to look at, and the author’s trying to help us. It’s almost as if you guys want your name on the list or something.

  25. Freedom of speech, freedom of expression.
    Don’t like it, do this the way YOU want to do on your own blog!!!

    Thx for the post. I enjoyed all 10!!!

  26. Richard Cofrancesco says:

    If you take a photo that evokes a feeling to your self and others consider your self famous, all of these photographers have done that to me any way and I have learned so much by viewing there work that I can have my own style of taking photos. Never stop learning from the past greats achieve your own style and enjoy the art.

  27. Munaza says:

    I’ve been learning about Dorothea Lange in my photography class :D

  28. Leona says:

    I want to be a photographer. Am going to Hudson valley to study photography for two years but I don;t know where to go from there.

  29. Unaiz says:

    Thanks for sharing this great list, i am a great fan of ” Brassai ” :-)

  30. Rebecca says:

    Helmut Newton…

  31. Tim Shetz says:

    Great list. Ansel Adams is one of my all time favorites. I had forgotten about a few of these. Thanks for the reminder.

  32. bob marly says:

    bob the builder is the best

  33. madison rebello says:

    kevin key has the best photos iv ever seen.

  34. harry bosh says:

    One thing’s for certain. Mr. Morris Pawtucket will never be on anyone’s most famous list. Nor even on anyone’s “must read” list.

    What an absurd premise and even more absurd compilation.

  35. I agree with with the comment above. Seems like an all American list.

  36. Taiga says:

    Hello, guys!
    Do you know a fantastic contemporary photographer, whos exhibitions are only in Las Vegas, Australia and somwhere else, I don’t remember. My friend and I ran into his exhibition in Las Vegas this summer. He makes very colourful, bright, large-sized photos of the Grand Canyon, deserts, whatever else. The exhibition was entitled like ‘The world of colour and passion’. And his photos are really expensive, about half million dollars or smth like this.
    Does anyone knows anything about him? His name?
    I’ll appreciate if someone could give a hint ;)

  37. I agree with some comments and still find it interesting :^~)

  38. Good Collection of Famous Photographer.

    Ajay Walia

  39. Carl Nikelis says:

    Good information, gives me a good feel in my tummy when I have a good look.

  40. Miranda Gonzales says:

    I don’t really know these photographers but YOLO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Taiga, I think you are thinking of Peter Lik.

  42. Great list. Ansel Adams is one of my all time favorites Photographer. I had forgotten about a few of these. Thanks for the reminder.

  43. Lorene Lavora says:

    While I like the list (and agree on Strand and Weston) and could think of a few others I’d like to see on the list, I’m surprised at the exclusion of Alfred Stieglitz. Aside from being an accomplished photographer in his own right he certainly was instrumental in having photography recognized as a legitimate art form.

  44. rocco says:

    No Avedon, Arbus, Robert Frank, Walker Evans?

    You might want to go for top 50 or 100..

  45. Angie says:

    I missed Helmut Newton in your list…..

  46. Rick says:

    Forgot weegee Photographer.
    His darkroom was in the trunk of his car

  47. Stan says:

    All of the photographers are worthy of being listed among the top photographers of the ages; I’m familiar with all with the exception of Duffy. But, I do agree that the title misses a point: the 10 best photographers of all time are always going to be one person’s (or even a committee’s) personal selection and a host of exceptional photographers get left off the list and are therefore automatically declared by default to be less than the 10 personally chosen. So, all the photographers (and many more not mentioned yet) listed by others in these responses are less than your 10? Baloney. Either adjust the title, as suggested by Michael, or go to the top 100 as suggested by Rocco. Even with Rocco’s suggestion, there will be many missed. As to those who’ve never heard of some or all of just these 10 notable photographers, perhaps you’re too young (too disinterested?). If you have a real interest in photography, you have some learning to do about the icons of photographic image making.

  48. Jack Beatty says:

    Besides showing an obvious American chauvinism; a “Top Ten” list that arbitrarily includes a minor figure like Brian Duffy to represent fashion photography, while ignoring much more obvious candidates like Man Ray or Richard Avedon, relieves any and all of us from taking you seriously, Mr. Pawtucket. Richard Duffy is more significant than Man Ray? Are you new to this planet, Pawtucket?

  49. Chris says:

    Jerry Ueslmann didn’t use digital because it was not yet invented during his prime. To say that he did it for any other reason is misleading, and erroneous.

  50. kieran says:

    any one got any bettre photographers

  51. nathan mccreery says:

    Wow, what a bunch of haters with their knickers in a knot! These kinds of lists are always intended to be in good fun so lighten up. Good grief. Many of you need to get over yourself and take a smile break. Of course your favorite guy/lady may not have been on the list. Make your own, build a blog, find some readers if you can. I would have loved to see Ernst Haas, Edward Weston or Eliot Porter but it isn’t my list. In contemporary photographers John Sexton, Bruce Barnbaum, Jay Dusard and Don Kirby come to mind, as well as others. As to it being American chauvinism, that’s only logical since the development of the photographic process for the average person is a product of the United States for the most part It was George Eastman that popularized the process and made it available for the everyman. But it isn’t my list so kudos to the writer

  52. Anonimous says:

    This list is like trying to understand the ocean with one glass of water.

  53. Charity Brown says:

    Oh my word people. This author is allowed to have his own opinion. Nobody said this was the DEFINITIVE list of the 10 most famous photographers. Grow up and do what others are saying on here – make your own list. See how well YOU do narrowing down all the talent in this world into 10 slots. You just try your best, and yes, it is subjective. Photography in general is pretty subjective. Things that one talented photographer think are the best ever may not even inspire another one. And stop judging photos by the skin color of the photographer.

  54. Ruman khan says:

    I love photography and i love every photographer, how can i be a good photographer? is it possible for me?
    i don’t know it’s possible or not but i will be wating……when the day come i don’t know!

  55. Alex Ito says:

    A remarkable photographer should be above all an artist.. unfortunately some of the most famous photographers are only mid to good studio photographer who got fame by shooting celebrities.. miss Sebastiao Salgado on the list.. to me one of the top 5 for sure.. technically and for his meaningful work. I would recomend the documentary about his life “The Salt of the Earth”

  56. James says:

    “She’s unafraid of falling in love with the people she photographed.” LOL wtf that was so random.

  57. Andre Hebert says:

    Yousuf Karsh? #2 … of all time?

    No Steiglitz!?
    No Weston?
    No Evans?

  58. Wiggs Photo says:

    You forgot Alfred Stieglitz!

  59. school girl says:

    thank you for the good ideas thanks you, really helped me

  60. I’m just getting into photography and I’m reading, learning all I can so that I can take good photos.

  61. Briahna Kidd says:

    Haters for sure. Photography is art. Art is subjective bigtime… Every single person will definitely not have the same opinion and the comments here is proof of that. This doesn’t mean that the author favors Americans or he/she is racist. I don’t understand how people in this world get so damn butt hurt over the shit the fret over. You guys that mentioned particular photographers, someone could easily say the same exact things if you also made your own top ten list. Just remember – an opinion is like an asshole, everyone has one. ;-) So me personally (since I’ve informed everyone that every single person on this planet is entitled to their very own opinion, including me), I’d give kudos to the author simply for having to put up with people’s rude ass comments all day after making a list of people they think is worth a mention on their personal list. And also, evidently this article did actually help some people (if you bothered with reading some comments). Maybe not the oh so wonderful and obviously extremely educated photography students or photographers that think their opinion is the way it should be and that’s it, but it did seem to help some people with whatever type of homework they had for their class. I’m sure this article is a good starting off point for the people that can’t think of a photographer to do an essay about or whatever. If anybody can remember being an ordinary student (10 years for me but I sure as hell still remember….er, technically 14 but I don’t like to include the couple birthdays after 29 ;-)), when you have this or that assignment to complete, or whatever other tasks or errands you’ve got on your plate, having to think of a particular person on the spot can prove pretty damn difficult. Somebody could ask me who my favorite actor is and it would seriously take me a hot minute to think of one to tell them. This is kinda like when me and my boyfriend couldn’t think of a movie to watch, so we googled top ten movies of all time….which didn’t help us at all until we “refined” our searching, but this is not the point of where I’m going really lol… but the point is this article was useful to some people. And the other point (the main point I’ve been trying to make with this comment to begin with) is – don’t slam someone’s opinion just because it differs from your own. This is the internet. Look hard enough and you’ll find other “lists” with the same premise but I guarantee you it will not match up the same as this. It might have one or two of the same names but it won’t match up exact. I really don’t think the author’s intent was to offend anyone when they wrote it. Of course I could be wrong – the author could be an evil junkie who loves Bill Cosby, idolizes Catelyn (Kaitlin, Katie, whatever the name is now…) Jenner, has contracts with planned parenthood and whatever else people get butt hurt about nowadays (pretty much anything that exists – I’m sure after this comment, a lot more people will have mean shit to say for me…lol…bring it) but they still are entitled to have their own opinion. So try to be nice and stop getting so butt hurt about things that really do not affect you. That’s actually another thing to think about though– Really, can anyone here honestly say they’ve lost sleep over this article or their grades have slipped or anything along those lines that would affect one’s everyday life? Think of that before your mouth goes spouting off your intelligent philosophy of the person that didn’t mention “him” (gasp!) or even “her” (louder gasp!). And, just to be clear, I’m not trying to piss anyone off here (and I know there are probably tingling fingers that can’t wait to tell me off after reading this but hold on just for a little bit longer you pretentious asswipe you ;-)). Actually the opposite. I guess being a mother kinda urges me to protect those that can’t or won’t protect themselves. I feel like I’m telling a bully to back the f*** off. So there ya go. Everyone has their own opinion. Can’t wait to hear what yours is of me. I guess I’ll see who understands any sarcasm that may or may not be present on this comment if I even bother to stumble upon this particular page again. Live long and prosper. ;-)

  62. Parker Arrow says:

    Good list but this comes definitely down to personal taste i think. Even tough some of the protographers have a stunning carreer and story. Nevertheless a ist of photographers should contain at least one picture of each one ;-)

  63. I’d agree with the previous comment. Not only I’d like to know who the top photographers are, but also a sample of their best work. It gives us inspiration and also teaches us something new. Either way, great job on keeping a list together. Thank you!

  64. William Chinn says:

    Don’t want to argue with all of your good choices, but would like to add a couple of Honorable Mentions for those unfamiliar with their work:

    Then: W. Eugene Smith (got me hooked on what a camera could record)

    Now: Dave McNally (taught me a lot about the meaning of light)

  65. Fantastic list of important photographers. Although I wouldn’t have left out August Sander

  66. ian candlish says:

    Wow, reading some (not all) of the comments it makes me realise how precious some people are about themselves.

  67. Color Rebels says:

    Great list and all of them pioneers worth mentioning. Nevertheless I personaly perfer a little more “modern” style when it comes to photographers I need as inpiration.

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    Improved Photography Technology

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  69. gin d says:

    How about EDWARD WESTON?

  70. Judith Gould says:

    I love this site, it’s a great community of photographers. I always find there interesting inspirational ideas.

  71. Arrow Presets says:

    Really great list. Love the minmal and simple style of Jay Maisel!
    Wikipedia says that Maisel owned a huge mension with more than 70 rooms … I wonder how much camera equipment he owned ;-)

  72. try this says:

    Get over it. Famous photographers are the people who shaped photography, and they deserve the title famous. They’re famous for a reason. No where in the article did it say, “If you’re not famous, you’re not good enough”. So calm down. I’m not famous, and I’m happy with my photography. It’s a list, and it’s meant to help you. It’s only a collection of names to look at, and the author’s trying to help us. It’s almost as if you guys want your name on the list or something.

  73. Mithun Das says:

    I love this site, it’s a great community of photographers.

  74. Gregoriv Glistovich says:

    This would be my list based on artistic and museum value and merits. A photographer can be famous as a celeb & commercial shooter like Annie Leibovitz or Jay Maisel but chances are that you may rarely find any of their work adorning the home of wealthy art collectors or museum the same way as the names in this list:
    1 & 2 Edward Weston & Ansel Adams (they are both equals)
    3 & 4 (quite equal) Alfred Stieglitz and Walker Evans
    5. Dorothea Lange
    6. Henry Cartier-Bresson
    7. Robert Frank
    8. Diane Arbus
    9. Irvin Penn
    10. W. Eugene Smith
    11. Yousuf Karsh
    12. Irvin Penn
    13. Manuel Alvarez Bravo
    14. Bill Brandt
    15. Man Ray
    16. Robert Doisneau
    17. Edward Steichen
    18. Robert Capa
    19. Paul Strand
    20. Brassaî
    21. Elliot Erwiitt
    22. Gary Winogrand
    23. Imogen Cunningham
    24. Alfred Eisenstaedt
    25. Arnold Newman
    26. Richard Avedon
    27. Elliot Porter
    28. Sebastiao Salgado
    29. Mary Ellen Mark
    30. Hans Hagemeyer

  75. Richard L Parez says:

    Great list of photographers.

  76. Heto Chakma says:

    Excellent! Great idea. Informative and useful. Its teach me a lot. Thanks for sharing such a nice post

  77. James Weingarten says:

    This post is very usefull for all photographer. Normal photographer will know all about famous photographers .We will know all techniques and ideas for our photography. That’s very great for all.

  78. Richard says:

    Thank you for sharing the awesome list of photographers.

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    To me, Avedon seems to be the biggest name missing:

    Then you also have likes of Irvin Penn, Helmut Newton, David Bailey etc

    Thanks for sharing, an informative article. Good to see the great portrait photographer Yousuf Karsh on the list (he’s normally left off most of them).

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    Top-10-lists probably never fit everybody’s personal top-10-list but it’s a great way to get to know “new” artists.

    Newton is still one of my personal top photographers and he will probably be so in 50 years ;) …but I’m also excited what photography looks like in future.

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