Titanic Movie Photos

April 15, 2012, marked the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic and was celebrated with events all over the world. Photographer Amy Lynn has created her own tribute with this photo shoot, although it is–in reality–more of a homage to the James Cameron film than to the ship itself:

Using models with a close resemblance to Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, Lynn sets out to recreate iconic scenes from the film. The first shoots, set aboard the ship, are photographed in studio with a set made to look like a first class Titanic cabin. With the use of period costume and props Lynn attempts to re-create the romance between Jack and Rose.

photos from the titanic

For the iconic end scenes, they take to the swimming pool, where using creative makeup, an old door held afloat by plastic chairs, and a three light rig with softboxes, they re-create the cold icy waters of the North Atlantic at night.

titanic pictures

The last shoot in the series takes place in what appears to be a re-creation of the famous grand staircase and features Jack and Rose in romantic poses.

titanic movie photos

The final results are an eye-catching series of images with superb attention to detail—definitely a creative idea.

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