Tips For Working With Models in Photography

As a photographer, it is fairly common to work with models on a variety of photoshoots. Whether it be for a fashion spread or advertisement spot, learning how to hire and work with a photographer is often overlooked. Here is a video tutorial that highlights key points of working with talent on shoots. You can review the clip here:

In the video, host Mark Wallace, gives detailed points on conducting a photoshoot which utilizes talent from the moment the model arrives right up to the time they leave. Here are some of the important points made in the video:

working with models

Working with Models

  • Always be sure to greet your talent. This will help ease any nerves they might have and make them more comfortable. This is also a great time to go over what you are looking for and make sure everyone is on the same page
  • Before you begin working, look over the model release with you talent and clarify any questions they may have. Remember, the model shouldn’t be asked to sign the release until the shoot is over.
  • Look through the wardrobe and layout the selected styles. Be sure to set aside alternative styles in case one of the chosen looks doesn’t work as well as hoped on the model.
  • When your model is getting into their first look, get some music ready to play. It’s a good idea to ask the model what kind of music they prefer. Music is an important part of keeping the shoot rolling and keeping the talent comfortable.
  • Imitate┬áthe poses you are looking for with your own body so your model has a visual of what you are wanting.
  • Review all the shots at the end of the shoot to ensure you have everything you need before the model leaves.
  • When the shoot is over, have the model sign the release and, depending on the nature of the shoot, make sure you or the model have been payed.

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  1. john says:

    awesome tips,, great job mark…all thumbs up for this…

    I’ve learned a lot on this..

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