Tips For Shooting the Groom’s Wedding Details

On a wedding day photo shoot, a lot of emphasis is put on the beautiful blushing bride, her dress, and her accessories. But don’t forget about the groom—it’s his big day, too! Photographer Jasmine Star gives us a few great tips for photographing men’s wedding details:

Photographing the bride’s wedding dress and shoes came naturally to Jasmine, but what to do about the groom’s details?

“I needed to strengthen the way that I photographed menswear, as well as the corresponding wedding details.”

Tips for Shooting Wedding Details for Men

  • Be prepared and minimize disturbance. Gather what you need from the start. Let the groom know in advance what you will need from the outfit for photographing.

men wedding detail photograph tips

  • Photograph his suit, tie, cufflinks, watch, pocket square, shoes, and maybe even his socks! If there is anything sentimental around on his big day (cards, letters, etc.) be sure to photograph that, too.
  • Find the best light available. Wedding photographers usually shoot the details at a home or hotel, so use what you’ve got to your advantage. (Natural lighting works well, but don’t be afraid of some artificial light!)

mens wedding detail photograph tips

  • Stylize the groom’s details. Try using some men’s magazines for inspiration! Go for simplistic shots, and switch up the items. Photograph them individually and collectively so the groom has some options when choosing the shots he likes best.

men wedding detail photograph tips

Don’t leave out the groom when you photograph wedding details. Why not get creative? You’ve got your imagination and your camera—don’t be afraid to use them!

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